Every year, The Mine selects two high-impact, social innovation projects that address community needs. We seek projects that are:

LOCAL – Projects are Tulsa and Oklahoma-based, focused on addressing community needs and creating impact locally.

BIG – Mine Projects answer a big question or attack a strategy outside of the day-to-day scope of operations of an organization.

SCALEABLE – Our projects create innovations and solutions that can be scaled to create widespread change outside of an individual organization.

COMMUNITY-OWNED – We work on projects that “live” somewhere and have a champion and organization to implement recommendations.


2018 - 2019

Teaching and Leading Initiative - The Mine Fellows are working with the Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma to commercialize and expand TLI’s expertise in research-based professional learning, teacher recruitment and certification, teacher development, and school leader development. The Fellows are analyzing the market for potential clients and customers and create a business model and expansion plan to best equip novice teachers.

Veterans Park Multisport - The Mine Fellows are working with the Boston Avenue Multisport & TFSA (Tulsa Field Sports Alliance) collaborative, headed by Mine Alum Kenton Grant, to design and pilot community programming and develop sustainable operations for a multisport complex at Veterans Park. This will revitalize Veterans Park and serve as a model for Tulsa park operations across the city.

2017 - 2018

Jujuu – working with Sofia Noshay, Mine alum and social entrepreneur, to create the business plan for Jujuu gift boxes, filled with locally sourced “goods that do good.” The team identified a $130 million gift market in Tulsa, developed vendor relationships and created a strategic marketing plan that will earn Jujuu $62K in five years, while providing the common marketing platform for social enterprises and raising awareness of local issues.

Hemphill Create – partnering with Hemphill, LLC. to develop the framework for Tulsa’s first manufacturing incubator, which creates economic and community development in North Tulsa and the Tulsa area. With the team’s marketing plan, rent structure, and targeted partnerships, in three years Hemphill Create can incubate 29 new businesses, profit $187K, generate 419 jobs and generate $2.9 million in tax revenue.

2016 - 2017

Code Hub – working to assess the existing coding education, skills development and workforce pipeline in Tulsa and address gaps in the continuum. The team partnered with Techlahoma and Learn to Code for this project.

Token Via – working with Family and Children’s Services Women in Recovery program to create a behavior modification system for social service providers that addresses the need for behavior tracking and improved outcomes through a token economy.

2015 - 2016

Feed the Need – working on a project for the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation to facilitate better resource alignment through a centralized communication and data tracking platform for resource providers and seekers.

Modus – creating alternative transportation mechanisms for teenagers seeking social services on a project for the Tulsa Campaign and Take Control Initiative. The team designed and piloted a volunteer driver program and transit training in schools.

2014 - 2015

Kitchen 66 – created the business model and developed curriculum for a food entrepreneur incubator for the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. Since its launch in 2016, Kitchen 66 has served over 70 food entrepreneurs.

Global Gardens – partnered with local in-school gardening and peace education nonprofit, Global Gardens to expand offerings, reach more children and increase revenue. The team created the plan and piloted GG Me and GG Alliance, which can reach 25K children through an at-home activity kit and reach four more schools across Tulsa through a franchise-training model.

2013 - 2014

The Bridge – working alongside the Tulsa Area United Way to revitalize their Innovation Grant process to stimulate sustainable social entrepreneurship through a concept test funding model.

One Giant Leap – creating innovative online quizzes for parents to assess their child’s development and promote regular preventive care.